This website provides the audio and visual materials that accompany Native American Music for Grades K-6 by Kay Edwards. Materials (audio clips, photographs, scores, forms, etc.) for each of the 14 lesson plans (plus supplemental lessons) can be accessed through the above menus for Grades K-2 and Grades 3-6. This educational kit provides detailed lesson plans for classroom teachers and music specialists who want to incorporate authentic Native American music in their curriculum while addressing National Standards in music and social studies. Hands-on, developmentally appropriate experiences facilitate K-6 students’ musical and cultural understanding through Native American music that illustrates lifeways and values. This collection embraces diversity, equity and inclusion as well as culturally responsive pedagogy and social-emotional learning. The music includes pow-wow, round dance, rock, folk, country, Native American flute, waila (chicken scratch), rap, electronica, and more. The full educational kit includes a 400 page book (8.5xll, soft-cover) comprised of a total of 28 scripted lesson plans (plus 48 supplemental lessons), 2 compact discs, and a 24×20 color wall map.
$149.95 | ISBN 978-0-9647886-1-9.